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Karin L.H. Collom Med, RN, EMTP


Program Director 

Matthew A. Collom CMA, NREMTP

Director of Operations

About our Team

Matthew and Karin Collom are owners of Kadi Medical Services located in Greenville, SC. Both Matthew and Karin entered a healthcare profession at an early age. Matthew has a desire for pre-hospital and has worked as a paramedic for 25 years. Karin has a passion for nursing, and has worked as a RN in emergency medicine for over 30 years. Through various teaching and speaking opportunities both Matthew and Karin realized that healthcare education was valuable and enjoyable. In August 2009 they had an opportunity to purchase Ignite Healthcare Institute, a Certified Nursing Assistant school. With 200 students completing the program in the first year, placing them in jobs seemed the next best opportunity. TEAM CareForce was opened to give extraordinary graduates an opportunity to find work in healthcare. In their nineteen years together, Matthew and Karin have been blessed with nine children who have taken a role in the operations of these three companies. Let our team serve as a ministry to your healthcare needs.

About Ignite Healthcare Institute 


Ignite Healthcare Institute’s Mission is to provide educational opportunities that emphasize skills and knowledge that will allow the students to provide extraordinary patient care. We recognize that training is vital in developing skills needed for a certified nursing assistant.  The school is committed to offering quality training that meets the needs of our diverse student population.

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